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Personal information and documents required for lodging a complaint

1 April 2023

Pursuant to The Ombudsman Ordinance, we shall not undertake or continue an investigation into a complaint if the complainant is anonymous, or cannot be identified or traced. Upon review of the relevant procedure, with effect from 20 April 2023#, we shall request you to provide us with the following when you lodge a complaint:


Personal data

  • Full name as in Hong Kong Identity Card or Passport

[For body corporate, the organisation name as in the Certificate of Incorporation/Registration]

  • Copy of Hong Kong Identity Card or Passport (page with photo)*

[For body corporate, a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation/Registration]

  • Postal address
  • Other contact details (as far as possible), such as telephone number and email address


*The complainant may be invited to attend this Office to show the original of his/her identity document for verification, where necessary. 


Reply form for lodging a complaint

  • Whether you are an individual complainant or an authorised representative for a body corporate, you will need to sign a reply form to acknowledge that you have read and understand the important notes for lodging a complaint


Other specific documents for a body corporate

  • A letter of authorisation, stamped with its official chop and duly signed by a Director/person-in-charge, specifying the name and post of the representative to lodge a complaint on its behalf


#Based on the date of the postmark for complaints lodged by mail.


Please see Lodge a Complaint and FAQ for more details.



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