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Cases on Code on Access to Information

September 2022

Planning Department refusing to provide assessment reports for a strategic study

June 2022

Security Bureau, Immigration Department, Customs and Excise Department, Correctional Services Department, Fire Services Department, Hong Kong Police Force and Government Flying Service failing to provide statistics on disciplined services staff’s acceptance of advantages

May 2022

Education Bureau’s refusal to provide the number of dropouts and dropout rate of primary schools in Hong Kong

May 2022

Home Affairs Department, Transport and Housing Bureau and Lands Department being late in responding to a request

March 2022

Transport Department’s handling of a media organisation’s enquiry about application procedures for Certificate of Particulars of Vehicle

November 2021

FEHD refused to disclose the full report on the Site Selection Feasibility Study of the Tin Shui Wai public market

September 2021

DEVB refused to disclose information about AMO’s grading of a structure

September 2021

HKPF refused to provide copies of donation records of Police Welfare Fund (Case 1) and donation information of Police Children’s Education Trust and Police Education and Welfare Trust (Case 2)

August 2021

CEDB’s handling of request for the list of members of the dedicated team for reviewing the governance and management of RTHK