Staff Structure

Our staff structure comprises three broad categories of staff: directorate staff, investigation staff, administrative and support staff.

Directorate Staff

The senior management team provides leadership, sets directions and formulates strategies for fulfilling our mission and statutory functions under The Ombudsman Ordinance. It also oversees the management and administration of our Office.

Investigation Staff

Investigation staff are the executive arm in carrying out our mission and functions. In the course of their career, they work in different complaint handling and investigation teams, each headed by a Chief Investigation Officer. Specific areas of work include case assessment, inquiries and investigation on cases of alleged maladministration against organisations under our purview, research and direct investigations on topical issues showing pattern of systemic problems and systematic maladministration, and monitoring the implementation of recommendations in the investigation reports.

Administrative and Support Staff

These staff provide administrative support at managerial and supporting levels for the efficient operation of our Office. The scope of their duties includes finance and administration, human resources management, external relations, information technology and translation service.

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