Handling of Complaints

Request for Review

  • For cases "screened out", complainants can make an appeal to this Office in writing, with justifications. Our Assessment Team will "re-assess" such cases and consider the complainants' grounds to decide whether the cases should be re-opened for further follow-up actions.
  • Complainants dissatisfied with the findings or conclusions of our investigation may seek a review of their cases in writing and provide justifications and/or supporting information. If we consider that a request for review should be entertained, we will re-examine the case in detail and, where necessary, seek further information or comments from the organisation(s) under complaint. In the review report, The Ombudsman will make a final decision on whether the original conclusion should be upheld or varied.
  • Apart from requesting a review by this Office, the complainants may seek a judicial review of The Ombudsman's decision.
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