Handling of Complaints

Complaint Handling Procedures

  • Our Assessment Team screens all incoming complaints to examine whether they come within the statutory purview of The Ombudsman, and whether they have a prima facie case to warrant investigation. Cases "screened in" go to our Investigation Divisions for inquiry, resolution by mediation or full investigation. For cases "screened out", we will notify the complainants of the reasons for not pursuing their cases.
  • In conclusion of an inquiry or investigation, we will present in writing our findings to the complainant. For cases resolved by mediation, we will confirm in writing the settlement agreement between the two parties.
  • If The Ombudsman notices some administrative faults on the part of departments/organisations after investigating the complaint, she may make recommendations for improvement, such as urging the departments or organisations to review a decision, streamline a faulty procedure or adopt other remedial measures.
  • All complaints will be treated in the strictest confidence.
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