Handling of Complaints

Complainants Charter

We endeavour to provide a high standard of service to the public. In fully discharging our duties, this Office has drawn up the following Charter:

Our Commitment

  • Handle complaints in a professional, impartial and efficient manner
  • Keep complainants informed of the progress and outcome of our inquiries
  • Explain our decisions clearly
  • Protect complainants' privacy
  • Treat the public with courtesy and respect

Complainants not satisfied with our findings may write to this Office and state the grounds for a review of their cases. Any views on individual staff or our services may be directed to the Chief Manager of this Office. We will take follow-up action with professionalism and fairness.

Complainants' Responsibilities

  • State clearly the issues of complaint
  • Provide true and accurate information (including an account of events, the required information for verification of their identity and determination of their traceability, etc.) in a timely manner
  • Cooperate in our inquiries
  • Lodge complaints in a reasonable manner
  • Treat the staff with courtesy and respect

If complainants are not cooperative, the progress and/or outcome of our inquiries may be affected. In such circumstances, we will take proper actions as appropriate, such as making our decision on the basis of available evidence or terminating the inquiry.

Notice to Visitors

Any act or behaviour that disrupts the operation of this Office or causes nuisance or disturbance to the staff or other people is not permitted. We will stop providing service to those who ignore our advice and continue with their misbehaviour. We will also ask them to leave the premises and may call the Police.

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