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What is RSS?

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication", which is a way of tracking online content,and it works like subscription of regular newspapers or magazines.It allows you to aggregate updates from multiple websites that offer RSS feeds, without having to visit each site individually every day.  Your RSS reader will automatically retrieve and renew the content from the websites that you have subscribed, so that you can easily stay informed.

How to use RSS?

1.  First, you need to install an RSS reader or a browser equipped with RSS functions. A variety of software for reading RSS feeds are available for free download on the Internet.

 2.  After successfully installing an RSS reader, you need only to follow the instructions from your software to enter the address of the RSS feed. The software will automatically retrieve and display the latest information for you.

 3.  Websites usually have one or more of the following icons displayed to indicate that RSS feeds are available:

       Really Simple Syndication Really Simple Syndication Really Simple Syndication Really Simple Syndication

      If your browser already supports RSS subscription, you can sign up for RSS feeds by simply clicking on the icon.


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