About this Office

Performance Pledges

We are committed to providing efficient services to the public. In this connection, we have drawn up the following performance pledges for service delivery.

type Standard response time Maximum response time
By telephone or in person Immediate For complicated enquiries, within 30 minutes
In writing Within 5 working days For complicated enquiries, within 6 – 10 working days
Complaints Cases
process Standard response time Maximum response time
Acknowledgement Within 5 working days Not applicable
Cases concluded
  • Cases closed after initial assessment due to jurisdictional restrictions
  • Other cases

Within 10 working days
(target: not less than 70%)

Less than 3 months
(target: not less than 60%)

Within 11 – 15 working days
(target: not more than 30%)

Within 3 - 6 months
(target: not more than 40%)

Outreach Talks
type Response time
Request for talks Within 10 working days

Factors Affecting Performance

The progress of our case handling depends very much on the cooperation of complainants and organisations under complaint in providing us with adequate and accurate information. Processing time is also affected by the complexity of the cases and the volume of complaints received at the time.

Normally, the processing time commences from the date when the complainant has given sufficient information for a prima facie case, consent for releasing and obtaining personal data and in the case of a complainant being a body corporate, proper authorisation of a representative for lodging the complaint with this Office.

Complainants Charter

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