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Vision and Mission

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To ensure that Hong Kong is served by a fair and efficient public administration which is committed to accountability, openness and quality of service

Through independent, objective and impartial investigation, to redress grievances and address issues arising from maladministration in the public sector and bring about improvement in the quality and standard of and promote fairness in public administration

The Ombudsman should serve as the community's watchdog to ensure that :
Bureaucratic constraints do not interfere with administrative fairness
Public authorities are readily accessible to the public
Abuse of power is prevented
Wrongs are righted
Facts are pointed out when public officers are unjustly accused
Human rights are protected
The public sector continues to improve quality and efficiency
Maintaining impartiality and objectivity in our investigations

Making ourselves accessible and accountable to the public and organisations under our jurisdiction

According the public and organisations courtesy and respect

Upholding professionalism in the performance of our functions

Performance Measures
Speed of case work

Complainants’ level of satisfaction with case handling

Redress obtained
Recommended improvement measures committed to and/or implemented

Non-repetition of complaints